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The International Order of Rainbow for Girls is a character building organization for teen-aged girls, and has for its purposes and goals, the encouragement and teachings of:

  • A belief in the existence of a supreme being and the immortality of the soul.
  • The great truths of the Holy Bible.
  • Church membership (of your choice), attendance and active participation.
  • Patriotism and love of country.
  • Love of home and family.
  • Dignity of character.
  • Effective leadership.
  • Service to humanity and the community.

Its supreme effort is to create strong effective leaders and develop individual character. By precept and example, it continually emphasizes to every Rainbow Girl the lessons taught and symbolized by the colors of the Rainbow.

The four main types of activities for Rainbow are:

  • Service projects
  • Charity projects
  • Money making projects
  • Fun projects

Since each assembly is self supporting, it is necessary to have various money making projects. They vary in each assembly.

Every Rainbow assembly is organized and governed by the uniform code of by-laws of the Supreme Assembly of Rainbow for Girls. The girl elected to serve for a term of six months as Worthy Advisor has the complete control and responsibility for the performance and conduct of the Assembly. However, the Assembly is, at all times directly under the guiding hand of the Mother Advisor. In addition to the Mother Advisor, there is an adult Advisory Board.