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Is the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls a religious organization? A sorority? A secret order?

It is none of these. Rainbow is an active youth organization which offers each girl:

  • An interesting and complete program of general youth character development.
  • A wholesome occupation of her spare time.
  • Development and exercise of leadership qualities.
  • Worthwhile associates.
  • The best of environment.

Rainbow does have some closed meetings that only members attend. This is similar to sororities that bring groups of women together, but also have closed meetings. Rainbow is different— it allows not only members, but also members’ parents, grandparents and legal guardians to attend all those meetings. These individuals are welcomed and encouraged to participate in meetings and in other activities. They are also encouraged to serve on the Advisory Board.


Would I like Rainbow?
Yes, of course — when you are willing to support and attend meetings regularly, which are held twice monthly. Benson Diana Assembly meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 7pm. Rainbow gives you a strong base from which to launch your future and prepare for the responsibilities of adulthood. But like anything, you will only get out of it what you put into it. You will form lasting friendships with other wonderful girls, and among other things, learn responsibility and self-reliance.

What will I gain from membership in the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls?
You will have the opportunity to accept responsibility, develop leadership, work as a member of a committee and learn the importance of being of service to others. Since you are energetic and active, it is most essential that your efforts be directed in channels that will occupy your spare time to the best advantage. The teachings of Rainbow tend to keep before you the importance of the many virtues which will stay with you into adulthood. In addition, you will develop life-long friendships with girls your age. All of these benefits and many more will be found in Rainbow.

How may I become a Rainbow Girl?
Somewhere, over the Rainbow lies the Pot of Gold -- LET THE SEARCH BEGIN! A petition for membership may be obtained from any Rainbow Girl, the Mother Advisor, any member of the Advisory Board. To find the Assembly nearest you, go to our list of Assemblies.